5-S is the renowned and proven philosophy and methodology for organizing, cleaning, developing, and sustaining a productive and functional work environment which focuses on improving quality, safety, morale, productivity and efficiency. It provides the fundamentals to maintain discipline in the workplace. The final outcome of 5S implementation is the marked improvement to the organization’s productivity and profitability



This programme aims to explain:

  • The principles of 5-S.
  • Benefits of 5-S and workplace efficiency.
  • How to implement and sustain a 5-S culture in any organization
  • How to develop self-directed employees by using a team-focused approach.

Course Content

Day 1

  • Introduction To 5S
  • Brief Background Of The History Of 5S
  • The Goal Of 5S
  • The Benefits Of 5S
  • The Impact Of Visual Control
  • 5S Exercise
  • Seiri
    • The principles of Seiri
    • Value vs non-value items
    • Red Tagging activities
    • Seiri Exercise
  • Seiton
    • The principles of Seiton
    • Ergonomics
    • Storage guidelines and locations
    • Visual management
  • Seiri & Seiton Exercise
    • Delegates apply the principles to a model workstation to improve its productivity and efficiency

Day 2

  • Seiso
    • The principles of Seiso
    • Cleaning activities
    • Cleaning techniques
    • Cleanliness inspection
    • Seiso Exercise
  • Seiketsu
    • The principles of Seiketsu
    • 5S documentation
    • 5S guidelines and criteria
    • The 3 levels of 3S
    • 5S patrol
    • Seiketsu Exercise
  • Shitsuke
    • The principles of Shitsuke
    • 5S motivation factors
    • 5S tools and events
    • Shitsuke exercise
  • Effective 5S Project Management
    • Project planning
    • The 5S project report
    • Project Planning Exercise


Upon completion of the programme, delegates would have obtained:

  • Practical understanding of the 5S principles and how it can be applied to any organization that seeks to improve its work environment.
  • An overview of how to systematically and effectively plan, implement and monitor the 5S program.
  • The ability to use a team approach in 5S deployment.
  • Knowledge on how to plan, implement and report on 5S projects

For Whom

Managers, Executives, Engineers and Supervisors who are responsible to oversee or carry out improvement at the workplace. You will find the 5S approach to be an indispensable tool to help you improve workplace organization, and employee discipline and morale.

Further details of the training can be download fom link below:

Training Programme (2 Days)[1].pdf