(ISO 22000)


Safe food is critical for consumers and businesses.

While much of our food supply is safe, several recent high profile cases around the world underline the potential danger of food-borne illness to consumers, employees and brand value. A few recent examples include BSE infected beef, the salmonella contamination of poultry and eggs and high levels of lister in dairy products. For these reasons and others, global retailers, distributors, food manufacturers and food service companies are now concerned more about the safety of their food supply chain than ever before.

Organisations in the food sector will need to manage risk, demonstrate good corporate responsibility and meet legal requirements if they are to remain competitive, protect their reputation and enhance their brand. An effective food safety management system based on a proven standard will help the organisation achieve these goals. Furthermore, assessment and certification of its management system by an independent accredited third party ISO Certification Body will optimise its food safety management.

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